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Alliance of Valiant Arms (hay gọi tắt là A.V.A) là trò chơi nhập vai
trức tuyến với số lượng người kết lối lớn được sản xuất bơi IjjI ( nãy
đã chuyển nhà phát triển và xấy dựng Aeria. Trò chơi được phát triển
dựa trên hệ thống engine Unreal 3, trò chơi nổi bật với cấu hình đồ họa "
khủng" và lối chơi - thời gian thực. Trò chơi được xây dựng dựa trên
nội dung hư câu về cuộc chiến tranh giữa EU ( Liên Minh những nước châu
âu) và NRF ( Những nước mới từng thuộc hệ thống Liên Bang Nga - Sô Viết)

Alliance of Valiant Arms (or A.V.A) is a MMOFPS published by
renowned MMO portal, Ijji. Developed using the Unreal 3 engine, the game
boasts insanely detailed graphics and realistic gameplay. Based on a
fictional war between the EU (European Union) and the NRF (Neo-Russian

Đang trong quá trình dịch


* Point Man : Point man uses SMGs and Shotguns and
has the ability to unlock various skills such as running skills that
increases their mobility, knife training for more melee attack damage
and range, and other various skills.

* Riffle Man: Rifle man using Assault rifles has
the ability to unlock various skills such as Advanced Defense that
increases defense rating, Grenade Throw skills that increases the
throwing range of grenades, and other various skills.

* Sniper Man: Snipers obviously using a sniper
rifle have ability to unlock skills such as Pistol Training that
increases reload speed of pistols and ammo capacity increase, SR
Training that increases weapon draw speed, and other various skills.

All 3 classes play a very important role for the team and all have their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Game mode:

* Demolition - This game mode is a Search & Destroy or to explain simply 'plant bomb & defuse bomb' game mode.

* Escort - In this game mode, EU team's mission is
to escort a Leopard2A6 tank to the other side of the map while the NRF
team's mission is to stop the EU from achieving their mission at all
costs. This game mode is team based with a team death match type of
style where players respawn after each death instead of each round like
Demolition. NRF will use a RPG launcher to attach the tank while EU
repairs and keep the tank moving.

* Annihilation - Annihilation is the team death
match game mode in A.V.A. In this game mode, both teams have the same
objective, annihilate the opposing team. In A.V.A annihilation game
mode, you score a point for your team by killing your opponent and you
also get bonus points for your team by collecting a number of enemy dog
tags from falls enemies. The team to get to the pre-set win score amount

* Convoy - In Convoy, there are two parts to the
objective. Both teams have the same objective which is to retrieve the
objective item then make way to the objective point to escape or deliver
the objective item. This makes for very strategic game play that both
teams can either attack or defend.

* Domination - Domination game mode is similar to
King of the Hill in Halo or Conquest in Battlefield. The team to hold
the domination objective point for the winning condition amount of time
wins the match. In A.V.A, the losing team can ask for help by calling
UAV and AI controlled allies flying in helicopter to assist them for a
limited time.

* Free For All - Free For All is a individual game
mode where there are no teams. Simply put, it is a individual
deathmatch, every man for themselves.

* Prison Break AI Missions - Prison Break missions
are Co-op missions where players are on the same team (EU) fighting
against AI controlled NRF prisoners. Each team can have up to 4 players.
There are 3 different missions in Prison Break; Survival, Escape, and
Rescue. Each of them are different in that it has different stages and
different objectives. Rescue is the hardest and it also has a easy mode
where players can form 5 man teams to conquer the rescue mission. Each
mission has rewards for completing the mission.

* Zoombie


In 2009, 11 Republics of Commonwealth of Independent States which
were once scattered into pieces with a fall of former Soviet Union,
comes together for reintegration under the leadership of the president
of Russia - 'Vladimir Mashkov', a conservative ultranationalist. On the
anniversary of national founding day of Soviet Union (December 30th),
great empire of NRF (Neo Russia Federation) comes to life with its
territory occupying 1/6 of earth's land surface and having 3rd largest
population in the world after China and India.

Mashkov revives Warsaw Pact under the cause of protecting the
Eastern Europe's sovereignty from unjustifiable interventions of US and
EU. Eastern Europe countries suffering from great changes permeating in
with an introduction of capitalism accepts this treaty thinking that
this may be a new opportunity. Some countries opposing the pact had no
choice but to let in NRF's troops into their territory. During this
time, power of military gets overwhelming and thus starts to look for
something or someone to let out this uncontrollable power. Mashkov in
search of targets to gush out this massive power to relieve ever
worsening internal complications finally turns his attention to the
Black Sea, strategically important area connecting Southeast Europe and
Asia. This decision did not meet just someone to bully around, but
implied more barrels of oil to keep his great empire running. As a
result, democracy falls apart in some Middle East countries and new
pro-NRF government starts appearing.

EU, concerned about NRF's rapid expansion, requested immediate
evacuation of NRF troops from Eastern Europe and to stop intervention in
Middle East countries through all diplomatic channels but Mashkov
ignores it. In addition, non EU members plus poor Southern Europe and
North Africa countries, those which have been discriminated even though
they were members of EU, demonstrated supportive position for NRF with
high expectations on this new order in Europe. This extremely fast
growth of NRF starts to cast dark clouds that may possible swallow
entire Europe. Switzerland and Austria quickly declares neutrality in
hopes to survive this gloomy period in Europe.

In January of 2011, as all political and economical approaches
failed, EU forces with troops from Germany, France, England and Northern
Europe lights up a fire of war by attacking NRF troop stationed in
Poland. This was the beginning of never ending Europe War. NRF forces in
hunger of war retaliated with great force and EU had to retreat from
Poland after suffering substantial loss. NRF's retaliation did not end,
rather, they crossed the border of Germany with great number of troops.
EU forces tried to stop NRF's troops flooding in from the East but
nothing could stop them. NRF comes to occupy entire Germany and even
Eastern area of France and maintains aggressive march to completely
eliminate key members of EU.

NRF, while attacking EU, carries on a negotiation with China and
requests to restrain armed intervention by US in return of oil resources
distribution in Middle East. US being restrained by China gets hands
tied down, disabling active participation in Europe War. However, China
feels threatened by this shocking growth of NRF and suddenly changes its
position. New wind starts to blow from the west and Zephyr brings US
soldiers with her.

January 2012. EU forces supported by US troops are now in ready for major counterattack…
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Giới thiệu về A.V.A

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